Largest Interfaith Video Exchange in History

The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem is the largest Jerusalem-focused prayer event in history, involving 175 Nations, 300,000 churches, and tens of millions of believers committed to praying for peace to come to Jerusalem and all her inhabitants.
     Now in its tenth year, the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem takes place every year on the first Sunday of October to raise global awareness and intercession on behalf of Jerusalem.
     For the first time since its inception in 2002, participants in the Day of Prayer will be able to record video prayers through KeepTree.com, and these videos will be permanently stored and displayed in a gallery, to be shared with the people of Israel and the world at www.keeptree.com/dppj.
      “This will be the biggest international video exchange of interfaith words of encouragement and prayers in history,” says Robert Stearns, the founder and Executive Director of Eagles Wings, and co-chairman along with Pastor Jack Hayford of the global prayer day. “Indeed, it will demonstrate to the inhabitants of Jerusalem that they are not alone. And it will provide an opportunity for much needed healing, as Christians around the world express love and support and our steadfast commitment to see true peace come to Jerusalem and all in the Middle East.”
    “KeepTree.com is proud to support this year’s Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem,” says Jon Loew, Founder, CEO of KeepTree LLC. “As Israel is facing unprecedented threats from its neighbors, we’re encouraging 800,000 people to record video prayers – one for each of the 800,000 inhabitants of Jerusalem to remind her that she does not stand alone.”
     Jerusalem is the birthplace of Western civilization, the spiritual center of Judeo-Christian faith, the axis for religious thought and belief that for centuries has had a broader and ensuing effect on philosophical, cultural, artistic, sociological and political expression.
     From today until the Day of Prayer, users can visit www.keeptree.com/dppj to view videos recorded by respected Pastors and believers from around the globe, and then record their own video prayers for the Peace of Jerusalem. These video prayers will be posted in a gallery dedicated to the DPPJ, at www.keeptree.com/DPPJ
      The Israeli government will then make the citizens of Israel - and of the world – aware that they can visit www.keeptree.com/dppj and view millions of videos recorded for them – and invite them to reply.