Jim Kelly's New Book

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is back in the spotlight, again, with the release of his newest book, "The Playbook for Dads." The entire Kelly family has released books in the last three years, thanks to a book deal with FaithWords, a division of Hachette Publishing one of the largest publishers in the world. FaithWords publishes books for the growing inspirational market. Based near Nashville, Tenn., FaithWords has grown dramatically by acquiring a solid list of faith-building fiction and high-profile authors with edifying messages, including best-selling authors Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, John Eldredge and David Jeremiah. Several FaithWords titles have appeared on national best-seller lists, most recently Every Day a Friday by Joel Osteen,Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer and I Never Thought I'd See the Day! by David Jeremiah.

Kelly in the book relays insider information on his toughest job, Kelly tackles 10 important lessons that fathers should be sharing with their children.

"Being a father is hard work," writes Kelly. "It's hard work just like being a quarterback was hard, relentless work . . . But I can honestly say that it's the greatest, most important job in the world."

Relating personal experiences on and off the Buffalo Bills field to fatherhood, Kelly walks fathers through his game plan, challenging them to coach their children through 10 important lessons: thankfulness, confidence, respect, preparation, passion, perseverance, character, responsibility, teamwork and spiritual life.

"It seems like many of these principles are fading away in our society, and I think it’s our job as fathers to preserve them and pass them along to our children," writes Kelly.

Each parenting lesson begins with a letter to his son Hunter, who passed away at age eight from Krabbe disease, and ends with a letter to his two daughters, Cam and Erin. Kelly shares details of his and his wife Jill's journey to Christianity after the passing of their son, and how that experience has changed their lives for the better - forever.

The book is available at Bender's Parable Christian Store and other leading retailers.