Jericho Road Calls for Healthcare Reform

Jericho Road Ministries has announced the formation of the Health and Justice Project in an effort to "advocate for systemic change in our nation's healthcare system" according to the ministries latest newsletter and an article by founder Dr. Myron Glick. According to Glick, "People of faith and good will should put aside their differences and with one voice say now is the time for all people to be treated with the dignity that God intended." Glick references seeing the pain and suffering of patients suffering from, for example, cancer or blindness or even lack of prenatal care for women and having no treatment because of fear of the expense and no medical coverage. Jericho Road is calling this type of injustice to our city's and nation's attention and calling for reformation of the system. The team at Jericho Road is posting stories weekly through the Health and Justice Project website at www.causes.com/causes/767047-health-justice-project.

Glick closes the article by stating, "In Isaiah 58 the prophet urges the people of God to share food with the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless, clothe the naked, and set free the oppressed. Then, the prophet promises, you will be restored...."