Church Participation in Rock the Lakes Down Since 1988

photo via nydailynews.com

600 churches partnered together to make the 1988 Billy Graham Crusade possible in Buffalo. Now nearly 25 years later the number of churches working together (at present time) is roughly a third of what is was in 1988. The reason remains unclear but there is speculation that the reasons may be of all things, political.

Supposedly some of Franklin Graham's comments regarding President Barack Obama may have contributed to certain predominately African American Churches not participating in supporting the event here in Buffalo. Because of the climate of the culture in 1988 these concerns were not an issue. As moral issues in our culture around faith, abortion and gay marriage have intensified Christian leaders have spoken out more clearly and boldly and rightly so on many occasions. While we are not taking any type of political position in this post, has the Church of the Lord Jesus in Buffalo put politics in front of the proclamation of the gospel? May it never be. Consider asking your pastor today (or Sunday) if your church is supporting this great effort to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this article Franklin Graham clearly apologized for any comments concerning Barack Obama but clearly states he disagrees with certain policy and stances on important moral issues.