Caz Cavern reopened At Living Stone Fellowship

As churches continue looking for creative ways to reach out to the community, a church in South Buffalo is servicing its community by hosting open music nights. “Caz Cavern,” a notable name in a historic place is South Buffalo’s only ‘open mic’ venue for musicians of all ages. Sponsored and located at Living Stone Fellowship 675 Abbott Road, Buffalo, NY at 7 PM every Thursday. For a century the building has been used by the community as a church and community center. Today, the Caz Cavern is a lively place for singers and musicians and all members of the performing arts to hone in their skills and spend time with like minded people.
    Popular lead singer Patsy Silver Cristofanilli is the hostess of the venue, facilitating the artists as well as performing herself. She may even be willing to join in with your group.
     “We are pleased to support this open venue for artists to perform and participate in encouraging entertainment. Living Stone Fellowship is honored to host the Caz Cavern and provide a place for South Buffalo to come together and enjoy good, home grown, entertainment and fellowship,” stated Pastor Ned LaMarti.” Living Stone is proud to add value to the South Buffalo community. The Caz Cavern is even a place for me to perform and have fun!”
     Caz Cavern is open every Thursday at 7 PM, first cup of coffee free. Refreshment are available for a minimal donation. For further information about Caz Cavern or Living Stone Fellowship, 675 Abbott Road, Bflo, NY. 716-440-8198 or https://www.facebook.com/living.stone.1029.