Al & Deb Warner on Nik Wallenda

Revs. Al and Deb Warner, founders and directors of Set Free Inc., a networking ministry connecting business, governmental and church leaders for a Nehemiah-like rebuilding and transformation of our city, have offered their spiritual insight into the wire-walking, faith filled stunt man Nik Wallenda's feat across Niagara Falls this past June 15. Drawing on years of prophetic history that the Warners have stewarded and responded to in prayer and action, the Warners published the article with Breaking Christian News, founded by Elijah List founder Steve Shultz. Read the full article here.

Al Warner in the article wrote, "As my wife Deb and I watched and listened to Nik, it dawned on us that we were observing the most surprising move of God that we have ever witnessed. What happened in the Niagara region to prepare for this unconventional move of God? Long before the international press turned its cameras toward Niagara, God was preparing the ground for seed and harvest."
The Warners tie together prophetic history and insight from as far back as 2003 from the likes of Chuck Pierce and Cindy Jacobs among others and believe the prayer filled wire walk is a sign of God's movement in our region. Throughout the article Al and Deb Warner are encouraged regarding the turn around the Lord is bringing about in our region.