Joseph Garlington Speaks at Sound of the Kingdom

Joseph Garlington, Bishop of Covenant Church of Pittsburg was keynote speaker at Sound of the Kingdom, a three day conference organized by Clarence based Eagles' Wings and hosted at The Tabernacle in Orchard Park. Garlington is a sought after speaker and minister who has returned to his hometown of Buffalo on a number of occasions with a fresh word to the church in our region (Garlington grew up and went to school on Buffalo's West Side). Garlington has become known for his musical sermons as his ministry partner plays piano in the background Garlington will often break into spontaneous song which he did tonight on a number of occasions singing, "Lord whatever your doing in this season don't do it without me."

Garlington spoke out of 1 Kings 17 referring to the story of Elijah and the widow and God's provision. "Change is inevitable, growth is optional.
God has a hard time doing the same thing twice, he is just so creative."
Garlington told the story of provision in his own life. "Expect change in your circumstances, live with the sense of expectation. I am talking about the type of change that God says you were doing it this way now I am going to do it this way. Expect change. Expect to hear from God."

Garlington proceeded to talk about the importance of giving and presented Robert Stearns, Executive Director of Eagles' Wings with a check for $10,000 from Garlington's church is PA.

Garlington then shared about the "sound of heaven"a sound that is invasive, intrusive and irresistible."The kingdom of God has come. Sound changes circumstances. The kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit. Something's moving, something's changing," said Garlington to the full 1000 seat sanctuary at the Tabernacle.
The meeting continued until about 10:30 as worship and singing wrapped up the night.

Prayer tomorrow morning starts at 8:30 with the first main session at 9:30 and continues throughout the day.