Holy Estrogen by Carol McLeod

How do you  make your emotions the holiest part of you? Carol McLeod explains in her new book Holy Estrogen releasing April 2012 from Harrison House Publishers. The book serves as a woman's guide to enable every Christian woman to become less selfish and more like Him. Carol is also the founder and Executive Director of Just Joy Ministries based in Buffalo, NY. She explains, "I do not believe that God intended for women to live a roller coaster life ordered by the fluctuation of some hormone that you exert absolutely no control over.  God's plan has always been that you would decrease and that He would increase."
  The book shows women that they can either be controlled by their emotions or they can allow the Holy Spirit to control their emotions.  Is it really that simple?  Well … yes and no.  Yes, because the Holy Spirit really is that powerful.  No, because if it were ... there would be no need for a book like this one!  The solution is obvious – the problem is not with the Holy Spirit but with ME!
      What else is this book about?  Women.  At their finest.  And at their worst.  It is about women in all stages and phases of life who don't want to just act like Jesus but at their deepest level they want to be like Jesus. 
      If you are a woman, you most likely have felt the devastating backlash of out of control emotions.  Also, as a woman, you have certainly experienced the sweet delight and comfort of positive, Godly emotions.  And, unfortunately, as a woman you have most likely been painfully wounded by someone's anguish or distress.
      At your very worst, estrogen-induced moments, you think that what you want is to ventilate and violate.  You think that if you pout and worry and groan and wail that you will somehow feel tragically fulfilled.  You think that brooding and simmering with discontent is what you deserve to do.  You think that yelling at your kids, talking about your friends, withdrawing from your husband and being curt with your mom is your strategy for successful human living.  When what you really need is to get over yourself and all of that!  What you truly need, in the deepest part of you, is more of Him and less of you. 
     Carol explains in the book, "If sex is every man’s battle, then I believe that issues of the heart and emotions are every woman’s battle.  The astounding news is that when you tap into the wisdom of the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, you are guaranteed to win whatever battle you might be facing."