Editor's Note

God is calling our region to prayer. It’s obvious. From the initiatives underway with the much anticipated Franklin Graham Rock the Lakes Festival this coming September, to the upcoming conference with Eagles’ Wings—Sound of the Kingdom. There is also Eastern Hills Wesleyan’s move toward a Saturday night prayer service and The Chapel’s leadership in the WNY Pray initiative. In addition to the above, one that is near and dear to my own heart is Prayer Collective (I am involved on the leadership team)—an initiative aimed at long term, sustainable effort toward perpetual prayer, worship and mission.

The really encouraging thing is that in one way or another select groups are responding to the invitation and for that I am grateful. After all that is what Jesus himself said would be the dominant characteristic of his church—prayer.

There is no doubt a buzz is happening in Buffalo right now as we anticipate the coming of Rock the Lakes and the hope we have to see something shift in our region. I think the important thing to remember is events like this serve as a catalyst to get things moving in our region. They aren’t necessarily themselves the end all, but they’ll help steer us in the right direction. It’s encouraging to hear about all the churches rallying together behind this cause, more coverage of this in upcoming issues.

I am also excited to introduce you in this issue to my new friends at Church on Tap. Young, idealist believers who are introducing new ideas of how to do church. I also welcome to this issue Michael Nieves a friend of mine and pastor of Centerpointe Community Church, a growing church in Lancaster. Nieves clears the dust of some of killers of church life. Enjoy!

Kyle R. Patterson