Brothers McClurg Launch "Backyard Worship"

Brothers McClurg, the Buffalo based band (formerly Relevant Worship and featured on UNITE's August/September cover) is excited to announce a new initiative and opportunity for those with a heart for worship to join them in "Backyard Worship." The initiative was announced last week on the band's Facebook page and is already gaining attention and response from those hungry for more of a worship experience.

"Hey all big news! We are launching a backyard worship tour today. If you are interested in having us come please contact us now. We are filling up fast and would love to come and spend an evening with you and your friends around a campfire. If you are at all interested in having us over contact us here... booking@brothersmcclurg.com under the heading "Backyard Worship". Thanks, Anthony"
Those interested in hosting the band are encouraged to contact them via email at booking@brothersmcclurg.com soon as weekends are already being booked. Brothers McClurg is also looking forward to the release of their new album this summer at Kingdom Bound, Join the Sound.