TCT Announces "Race to the Finish"

TCT Kids, a division of TCT Television based in Marion, Illinois with satellite offices in Orchard Park recently announced the February release of "Race to the Finish", a Christian movie that will be premiering February 24, 2012. The movie confronts and contributes to the ongoing discussion around bullying, something our community has become all too familiar with after the loss of a Williamsville North High School student this year.

In the movie bullying is not overcome by force but by acceptance, faith and love. The movie premiers at 7:30PM February 24 and runs one week starting the 24th at the Flix Theater in Lancaster. Tickets will be available starting February 6 at www.dipsontheatres.com.

TCT Television Network, one of America’s most watched faith channels, funded the 1-hour drama which details the true story about a young man named Harlan; a mentally handicapped boy who was abandoned by his mother after his father was imprisoned for burglary. His grandparents then raised Harlan.

One afternoon Harlan was being attacked by neighborhood bullies; when 16-year-old boy, Paul, returning from school, jumped in and defended him, only to get himself beaten up. This unusual, yet divine meeting became the genesis for one of the most encouraging stories ever told.

A few days later Paul was playing street football with friends as Harlan watched. Paul invited him to play, despite the jokes from the others. Harlan went for a pass, sprinting past defenders and all the other players, as if they where standing still.

Paul realized Harlan had a God-given gift and talked him into using that gift to run track, teaching him to compete in the 100-yard dash. Paul faced ridicule from classmates for his association with “that lamo” and became insecure about teaching Harlan; after all he was only 13. Throughout the training process, Paul and others learned about God’s love through Harlan. Their bonds of friendship gave them the courage and determination to carry on and their faith in God was a light to all that would see this miracle unfold.

Production began in Amherst, New York on Friday October 7, 2011. Joining the cast is Nancy Stafford “Matlock” and “St Elsewhere” along with Peter Kent “Terminator” franchise, “True Lies”, “Total Recall”, and directed by Greg Robbins “C Me Dance”, “Stuck in the Past” and “Pastor Greg” sitcom.

For more about Race to the Finish, log on to www.racetothefinishthemovie.com or facebook