600 Strings in Unison

Father Bill Quinlivan and Blessed Sacrement Church are hosting 600 Strings Friday November 11

"It's really like pick-up baseball in the neighborhood playground! Whomever comes can play and sing," explained Father Bill Quinlivan of Blessed Sacrement Church in Tonawanda about his annual event 600 Strings happening tonight. "Pastor Mike Failla (who coordinates the Kingdom Bound Worship Tent) co-hosts this with me. Last time we had about 8 electric guitarists, many of them young/teens. The youth started playing half an hour before we began and then kept strumming for about half an hour after we finished," continued Quinlivan. The event is scheduled to last about 2 hours and includes a song list with songs THEY'LL KNOW WE ARE CHRISTIANS,  OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART and THE HEART OF WORSHIP and others.

The event is open to any Christian musician with a heart to play in unity and all believers with a heart to worship. The hope is all denominations of the Christian faith will attend bringing a sacrifice of praise before the Lord and an opportunity for Christian unity. The group will also be singing the BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC with a guitar beat in honor of Veteran's Day....and a mix of other songs, some older some new. The event is hoping to attract 100 musicians to come out and worship. The group will meet for a brief rehearsal at 6:30 and go live at 7. All are welcome.