Editor's Note: UNITE October/November issue

Once again we are excited to bring you a fresh new issue of UNITE. We welcome to this issue new contributors Ryan Loos of RKL Financial who discusses doing business God’s way on page 15, Pastor Stephen Andzel of New Creation Fellowship as well as Chris Hoisington of Brothers McClurg (formerly Relevant Worship) on page 16 who discusses the beginning of a new thing that together with UNITE, Chris and myself will be featuring and discussing with you in our  upcoming issues.
     Another new feature you will find in this issue is our MARKETPLACE advertising section. This is a key aspect of UNITE. Not only is God moving within the church, but God is doing a new thing in the marketplace and around our region there are business people that “get it.” They get what God is calling them to do through their business. The fact is, God has called all  believers to be ministers of the gospel and this ministry needs to be taking place in the marketplace. By connecting and supporting other Christians who offer products and services that you are using, you are doing a vital  service in the kingdom. It takes money to spread the   gospel. We need to come along side business people who are fulfilling their calling in the marketplace and do  business with other Christians, when and where possible.                       
     One of the key themes of UNITE is together we can do so much more than by ourselves. We introduced our  abbreviated logo as U10 meaning that as we work together with others whose gifts and calling may be different than ours but if we will let it, their gift will  actually compliment ours. Where we are weaker their gifts will strengthen us and vice versa. Working together we our effectiveness is multiplied. The fact is, this is basic Christianity 101, yet for so long we in the body have done our own thing, but now is the time. It’s time to unite.

Kyle R. Patterson