Business: Joseph Business School to Start in September

Bill Winston founder of Living Word Christian Center and Joseph School of Business. A branch of the school is starting in Buffalo led by New Creation Fellowship, President Pastor Andzel and Director Steve Grant

By Kyle Patterson
    “The vision is twofold,” explains Dr. Bill Winston, founder of the Joseph School of Business and Living Word Christian Center— “First to eliminate joblessness and boost the economy, then also to preserve those communities. A lot of communities where our schools are, are in urban centers. Let’s bring some skilled jobs back in here and create some entrepreneurs that have a vision.” That is the heart beat behind the new branch of the Joseph Business School starting this September at New Creation Fellowship on Genesee Street in Cheektowaga.
     The branch in Buffalo’s vision is to educate Christians on how to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders using biblical principles. The goal is to produce entrepreneurs who will be able to receive God's direction and blessing so that they will be a blessing to the community, the nation, and the world to such an extent that the world will recognize that they are under the anointing of God. The Joseph Business School with branch locations around the country, many times are situated in urban areas where manufacturing has moved out years before. The goal of course is to restore cities with skilled jobs coming back to the areas. Winston cited the fact that billions of dollars have been outsourced that could be putting people back to work. This he explains is the opportunity—see God’s restoration power, doing it biblically and ministering to what Dr. Winston describes as the whole man.
Pastor Andzel, who along with school director and businessman Steve Grant took the lead in bringing the Buffalo chapter to town believe the education system is in crisis, so they are putting vision and resources behind reshaping education from a Christ centered biblical perspective. Andzel believes this Joseph School will help prepare believers as job creators, “The education system has not done its job. The level of education that our kids are receiving will not empower them for the jobs in the next ten years. Something has to be done in the education system and reach kids at a young age—teaching and preparing them for the future. We want to give them the tools they need to be successful as entrepreneurs or whatever it is that God has called them to be. I believe with all my heart that the Church is to be the education system for our children.” Dr. Winston adds, “We are not going to leave God out of the education system which has been a characteristic of the Babylonian system. God is intimately integrated into our everyday lives, and that is the Kingdom of God.” School Director Steve Grant believes there are great opportunities ahead for those who enroll, he is expecting businesses to start, resources to be made available and promises of God to be fulfilled. It’s time for the Church to arise. For information on the school and to sign up visit www.jbsbuffalo.com.