How to Live a Happy and Healthy Life Today - Stop Worrying!

By Tunya Griffin
Blogger at Happy and Healthy LifeGiver

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt. 6:34 NIV

What do you think about most of your time? Is it “Will my future end up the way I anticipate it” or “will I be rich” or “will my children be successful?”

There is for most of us a mental habit we’re all have fallen prey to at one time or another and that is that we often deal with the future and not the present. If we consider our problems, some of them are created by us concentrating too much on our future. I’ve been there more than I would have like to visit, considering my future, planning my future, and saving for my future. However I was still left with thoughts about “what will my future actual look like when it is here!” I was for a lack of words, playing God, in a sense.

If I finished school, if I saved, if I planned then I would not end up poverty stricken, uneducated, or stigmatized by those single parent or teen mothers statistics. Overall I would eventually avoid the outcome I feared the most: failure. As I woke up morning after morning, I worked, studied, prayed, planned to be successful, but not just for me, but for: my children and my family so that we would not become failures. “Why was I worrying and fighting so hard to overcome the big monster in the room no one wanted to discuss: failure?

I remember preparing the night I was to speak at a graduation. There I was writing my speech and in the mirror rehearsing my speech so that I would not make the big fumble. I was consumed, almost paralyzed by worrying “what if I stumble over my words? Then the Principal of the school introduced me and I walked over to the podium, and all the feelings of worry dissipated. “Why was I so worried about the outcome?” I learned that we don’t have control over all outcomes of things.

Dealing with worry about tomorrow seemed that it had become something I was doing everyday. I wasn’t able to relax. I was stressed, and worry was robbing me of living and enjoying the present moment. I have heard by many that “In life you were either blessed or cursed.” If something turned out the way a person wanted it to turn out then this person was blessed. If not then you were cursed. As a result, I worked hard and worried everyday so that I wouldn’t appear that my children, my family, nor I was viewed as cursed. “I worried day and night how could we be blessed,” or “what could I do to ensure we would be blessed?” However what I didn’t know is that all that worrying was stealing my life in the present.

As I pondered these thoughts of worry, I considered Matt. 6:34 that states “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” After considering this Scripture, I have now revised my outlook. Better yet, today “I have a new attitude,” and that is Live in the moment. Remember the only thing that any of us can truly control and that is “Being the best that you can be.” Make a conscious decision today that you will stop worrying and live a happy and healthy life today.