ManTime Delivers

ManTime Men's conference wrapped up yesterday around 1:00PM at the Adam's Mark Hotel ballroom with a message from Mike Cavanaugh of Elim Fellowship, a communion service, and prayer for men to be able "make love felt" to those around them including their wives and children. The conference was designed to equip and strengthen men in their walks with God. The conference called forth the destiny of every man as a follower of Christ, husband and fathers. "It's time for men to get free so they can achieve their destiny as men, husbands, fathers. It's time for men to dream God-sized dreams and accomplish great things in the marketplace and in their homes." Plans are underway for a conference next year, same time, same place,  March 24-25, 2012 @ the Adam's Mark,  according to conference founder and ICCL President, Gary Kellner.

Cavanaugh explained being a father is not related to your age or wisdom or spiritual maturity, it is related to being able to impart something to someone else, it is about being able to empower and strengthen and build others up. To do this there is some skills we have to learn. We need to be able to make our love felt to those around us. As a man we have been created to put a deposit into others. There are people around us who are like open wounds and full of potential but it will never happen unless we put something in them.

Four skills...
  1. Focused attention- giving someone full and undivided attention-makes someone feel like they are the most important person in the world to you. Eye contact, full attention, there is something that happens where the other person is able to feel the love.
  2. Meaningful touch
  3. Affirming words- the tongue has the power of life and death
  4. Picture a special future for your loved one- every child comes into the world believing they are meant to do something special. The fathers job is to “discover” them and call out the incredible possibilities in them. 
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