Editor's Note

By Kyle  R. Patterson

Welcome to a new chapter in Western New York Christian publishing! For some time now you may have been enjoying our sister publication, THRiVE! Magazine. While THRiVE! is still available to paid subscribers and at retailers across Western New York, our feeling was that a publication like unite, better serves the Christian community. Let me explain.
     For some time now, THRiVE!’s content has been focused on engaging our outside community- attempting to reach those who may never come through the church doors. This after all, was and is our primary mission since we started THRiVE!- to reach Buffalo with the good news of Jesus Christ. Over time, our method has changed, but the  mission remains the same. While we have been catering to, and reaching out to our community with THRiVE! by expanding distribution and offering subscriptions to various individuals and businesses, we knew there was a need for a publication speaking to the Church in Buffalo. The Christian       community we have found is looking for a publication that is free, timely and engaging, with a mass appeal to the greater body of Christ in Western New York. Our advertisers want something that can quickly carry their message or advertisement for an event to a broad audience. So, unite was born. While the newsprint may not be as colorful as the glossy paper and rich colors of THRiVE!, we are now able to get the message of Christ out to his Church in Buffalo far more economically, and to a far larger audience. This allows us to better serve our partners and advertisers who have faithfully made this publication possible.
     So, thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Please share the news of THRiVE! and unite with your friends, and engage with us- send us your news, pictures, events, and let’s unite for the sake of Christ.