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Transformational Leadership

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Transformational Leadership


There’s a crisis in leadership today. We’ve turned away from leading by following the example of Jesus who said, “Whoever wants to be great must be a servant.”

But there is hope.

Transformational Leadership is a book about exploring the text of Scripture to pull out the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Transformational Leadership isn’t about you and your own strength of character and will power. This book is about yielding your life and purpose to the power of God’s Spirit within you and leading with the very nature and character of Christ within. As you do, walking out these principles becomes a natural byproduct of a life well yielded to the power and purpose of God.

Leadership is and always will be all about Christ's finished work on the cross and his work in and through us. As we make ourselves available to be used of him, he builds his work and kingdom through us. This book is packed full of Scriptural principles from the life of Nehemiah that have taught me how to effectively manage myself and others as we are leading our families, churches, businesses and communities for Christ. It’s helpful to know there are others who went through the very things we are and they came out on top. Nehemiah didn’t have it easy. He faced difficulty on every turn fulfilling the vision of the wall and restoration of a community and people group. Let’s learn from Nehemiah’s example of endurance and patience as he and the Jews inherited God’s promises for their land.

The principles in the book of Nehemiah are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. People are people. Applying these principles in your business or ministry will yield eternal dividends and serve to encourage you on your leadership journey.

Transformational Leadership is packed full of biblical leadership advice from the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah pulled off one of the most monumental tasks in history, completing the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls in just over 50 days. Many of the principles and lessons learned from his extraordinary leadership can be applied to your business or non-profit. Download instantly and start growing your leadership and impact today. 

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Learn leadership principles for life, business and ministry from this powerful book -Transformational Leadership, studies in Nehemiah and the completion of the wall around Jerusalem. These 22 principles are immediately applicable to any leadership circumstance.

About the Author: Kyle Patterson is founder of, a collective impact organization functioning as a chamber of commerce for Christian leaders. He is also President of Thrive Media Group, a new-media and publishing company. Kyle has also written two other books, From the Pit to the Palace and Called to Serve