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From the Pit to the Palace

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JOSEPH (2).png

From the Pit to the Palace


The Crucible of Leadership

By Kyle R. Patterson

Joseph's journey from the pit of false accusation, envy and slavery to the palace as Pharoah's right hand man reveals what author Kyle Patterson calls the crucible of leadership. In Joseph's story we see how God raises up a man to do his will and how even in the storms and tests of life, God is working all things out for good. 

In From the Pit to the Palace, author Kyle Patterson examines the principles and promises of God for leaders in the midst of the deepest, darkest trials of life. God can take the darkest situations and turn them around for good. He also uses trials to form Christ's nature and character within us along the way. 

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The Crucible of Leadership is the process God takes his servants through to prepare them to be able to handle the responsibility and call of God. From the Pit to the Palace explores and illustrates this process.

What you will learn:

  • Leaders Dream
  • Leaders Endure Betrayal
  • Leaders Are Tested, Tried, & Refined
  • Leaders Understand the Heart of God for Nations
  • Leaders Use Their Gifts for the Glory of God
  • Leaders Understand the Process
  • Leaders Make the Most of Every Opportunity
  • Leaders are Faithful with Little and Therefore Trusted with Much
  • Leaders Manage Well
  • Leaders Forgive and Reconcile
  • Leaders Finish Well

As believers and leaders how are we to manage and lead in the context God has placed us? We need the wisdom of God and the encouragement of the Scriptures. We need to learn from the lives of those who have gone before us. Joseph was one such person who went before us and whom we can learn from. He endured what I call the crucible of leadership. When God calls you to do big things, he prepares you for what he’s asked you to do. Many times it's through what is called the crucible of leadership. This book is about understanding the preparation process involved in training up and making ready a person to be used in leadership. 

This is Volume 2 in our Biblical Leadership series by UNITE founder Kyle Patterson. 

About the Author: Kyle Patterson is founder of UNITE, a collective impact organization advancing the cause of Christ. UNITE functions as a chamber of commerce for Christian leaders. Kyle is also the President of Thrive Media Group and the author of Transformational Leadership and his latest release, Called to Serve.