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Called to Serve

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Called to Serve


Leadership Lessons from the Life of Moses

By Kyle Patterson

Called to Serve explores the life of Moses and the leadership lessons learned from a life serving the purposes of God. Moses was a man just like you and I, yet he overcame his weaknesses and fulfilled the purpose of God in his leadership, despite facing insurmountable odds. Join us as we explore leadership lessons from the life of Moses. 

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Called to Serve by Kyle Patterson equips you with biblical truth, insight and understanding of how to impact your sphere of influence for Christ.

What covered in Called to Serve:

  • Best practices for delegation
  • Leading with Humility
  • Building a team of advisors
  • Enduring tests and trials
  • Encountering God in your work and assignment
  • Numbering your days, leading with a heart of wisdom
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Understanding and overcoming weaknesses
  • Seeing and communicating a clear vision
  • Building a strong team around you
  • Servant leadership

About the Author: Kyle Patterson is founder of UNITE, a collective impact organization advancing the cause of Christ. UNITE functions as a chamber of commerce for Christian leaders. Kyle is also the President of Thrive Media Group and the author of Transformational Leadership and From the Pit to the Palace.  

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