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We know how difficult it can be to live out your Christian faith amidst the pressures of life and specifically in the marketplace. We daily need the power of agreement that comes from working with other like-minded believers. This means support when your down, rejoicing when you’re up, and prayer all along the way. At Unite, we are constantly working to help you apply Biblical leadership principles into the 8-5 grind of work. 

So we've put together 10 ways to directly serve you while you go about your business that we believe will help you, your faith, and your impact for Christ. 

1) Relationships. By joining our network you have access to real relationships built on serving and helping one another follow Jesus in the marketplace. 

2) Teaching and equipping. Through our conference calls, weekly training, and monthly podcast, we connect you with global leaders in the faith and business community.

3) Faith @ Work Speaker Series. Our Faith @ Work speaker series brings some of the brightest minds in faith and work to strengthen your organization and connect you with other like-minded leaders on the leadership journey. Our past speakers have included Scott Bieler, President of West Herr Automotive Group and Duffy Smith, Operating Partner at Summer Street Capital. 

4) Member Workshops: Member led and sponsored workshops are designed to create a win-win scenario for both the sponsor and attendees. Our goal is two-fold: Help you grow your business and help our members take their leadership to the next level. Utilizing the selling by teaching approach, member led workshops create value all the way around. 

5) Mastermind Groups. Mastermind Groups provide an opportunity to dive deep within your business and explore opportunities in a small group setting of 3-5 peers.

6) Service. One of the core foundations of UNITE is community impact. As such, we organize service projects and outreach to give back to our community as a membership. We call it collective impact. We can accomplish so much more when we work together. We're working with the Salvation Army on a service initiative now. 

7) Philanthropy. Building on the concept of collective impact, as a membership we have formed the Collective Impact Fund to further the cause of Christ in our community.  As a member you are invited to work together with other members to create change in our community and beyond for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

8) Services. When you become a member, you have access to member cost savings on everyday business services including electric and gas, credit card processing, health insurance and more. These savings alone can provide your membership fee in savings and even more. Plus you help support our work of collective impact in our community. We also ask that UNITE members return calls and take meetings when and where possible with other members. Our goal is that when comparing apples to apples members would chose to do business with one another. Investing in other kingdom minded business owners lights a spark in our community for the glory of Jesus. 

9) Member Discounts and Offers. Many of the members offer exclusive savings on their product or service for other members of UNITE. For example, Bottom Line Bookkeeping and Accounting offers a discount on their setup fee and taxes and Buffalo Printing on business cards and printing. These are discounts above and beyond what you would normally get.

10) Marketing. As a member of UNITE you have access to our event and employment listings service online and in email. Keep your company top of mind and gather support from other members to grow your business. Plus we offer economical ways for you to sponsor events, showcase your product or share a specific product announcement with other members. 

What our members are saying:

It's important for me to connect with other Christian businesses in the area because they are like minded companies who work for the same CEO (Jesus Christ).-Laura Tirone, Huber Electric
Christian businesses need to become the backbone of the community. I am hopeful that I can network with other Christian business owners to help accomplish this.- Ken Schupp, Bottom Line Bookkeeping and Accounting
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